Black Lives Matter



I adopted America as my home 30 years ago, and I have been really lucky to feel that America has also adopted me. I came here as a young man with a lot of dreams. I saw America as the place I could have the freedom and space to make those dreams happen. What’s more, I have been welcomed by many communities here. The customers who I interact with and designers and musicians and craftspeople I collaborate with have shown me respect and given me the chance to show my respect back. 

Ever since I moved here, I have been aware that while this is a country where dreams can come true, it’s also a country where dreams get crushed. I am privileged in that I have never experienced the type of racism that Black Americans face every day on all levels. I have seen a small taste of it. I don’t think any Asian in America hasn’t been discriminated against in one way or another. But that’s a story for another day. 

For today, I wish to say this: I am not an American by nationality, but I have felt very much welcomed into America, and I am glad to call it my home. As a result, I am part of the American experience, and it’s my duty and honor to stand up with Black Americans in this moment to demand that the injustice stop. Enough is enough. Black Lives Matter. 

So, what am I going to do about it? To be honest, I do not yet know. The world is changing so quickly post Covid 19 and all of us, including those of us in the fashion industry, are seeing an unprecedented upheaval in our way of doing things. My hope is that this state of upheaval will help break down the walls that were preventing real racial change from happening. As we go forward, I will do my part to help break those walls. America should be a place where we all have an equal chance at making our dreams come true, and until it is that place, none of our dreams will be enough. 

鈴木大器 Daiki Suzuki
Nepenthes America Inc. Engineered Garments




NEPENTHES AMERICA INC.代表 「ENGINEERED GARMENTS」 デザイナー。 1962年生まれ。 89年渡米、 ボストン-NY-サンフランシスコを経て、 97年より再びNYにオフィスを構える。 08年CFDAベストニューメンズウェアデザイナー賞受賞。 日本人初のCFDA正式メンバーとしてエントリーされている。