The life and work of Photographer Masahiro Shoda

Everyone must have seen his photos in some advertisements. Was it the photo of actress Mana Ashida standing in a beautiful posture?
Or the b/w one with comedian Tetsuro Degawa bursting out laughing? If it was a long time ago, it might be the one with super charming
George Clooney, Takeshi Kitano holding an odd pose, or Ichiro Suzuki beautifully laying down a drag bunt. Photographer Masahiro
Shoda has dug deep into portrait photography in NYC. And now everybody in the ad industry knows his name. Shortly before becoming
famous, he built a close relationship with NEPENTHES. He is persistent but flexible at the same time. And his confidence in NPENTHES
had never wavers. Trace the history of the prominent photographer through this long interview.
Interview & Text : Satoshi Taguchi
Photography : Masahiro Shoda
Translation by Aya Takatsu