Although Ghruka short is commonly known for its iconic design with belted waist, flared silhouette and deep pleats, what ENGINEERED GARMENTS has made has a totally different look. The tapered knee-length shorts are slightly slimmer than original one. A flap pocket is attached on the front of the left leg along with other pockets on the sides and back of the pants. Being based on military trousers, the item still fits naturally with a tailored jacket. With its versatile and flexible silhouette and design, this long-loved Ghruka short doubtlessly stands out among other shorts.
There is a draw cord on the waist besides belt loops. So you can wear the item more casually if you like. For the 2016 spring/summer collection, the length of the shorts becomes a little shorter to match up with a jacket style.

This eye-catching cotton fabric with dolphin motifs was found in the U.S. from old stock and is definitely the iconic fabric of the season because the brand’s designer, Daiki Suzuki, decided the season’s colors - blue, white and navy - after getting inspired by the fabric. It’s typical of EG to pick such bold and playful fabric for its collection pieces.


[LEFT]You need only a fishing rod, an artificial fly and a piece of line to enjoy Japanese traditional mountain stream fishing, Tenkara. Containing various angling-related details, SOUTH2 WEST8’s Tenkara Jacket was named after the fishing method and has already secured its place as a new standard. There is a rod holder to place some rods on the jacket’s left chest while pockets with gussets attached on the right chest and each side of the waist ensure extra storing capacity. A huge game pocket in front of the jacket gives you more storage space if needed.
To make the wearer easy to move even in a stream, the silhouette of the product became short and wide. The design of the piece is based also on a Canadian force’s field jacket which Keizo Shimizu, the president

of nepenthes, had reworked to wear it when engaging his life’s work, angling. Therefore the Tenkara jacket produced by SOUTH2 WEST8 still has some army-related features like an oblique pocket on the right chest and buttons attached by fabric tapes.
With the Woodland Pattern and muted coloration, the fishing jacket looks rather simple and moderate. The item can be worn throughout the year because of tough but comfortable cotton fabric used for the body. You will be amazed not just by its functionality as a fishing jacket, but also by its cool appearance. The Tenkara jacket is truly a garment made through experience.

[RIGHT]Nepenthes has uncovered so many brands and products across the world and popularized those in Japan since establishment. MALIBU SANDALS, a South-Californian brand launched in Japan in 2015, is one of those newly-discovered brands. Producing a series of unique sandals inspired by Mexican traditional footwear, huarache, the brand has succeeded to create extremely comfortable pairs with a soft polyurethane footbeds. Their sandals are surprisingly light and never put stress on you. Because the heels have deep basins to hold your heels right, you neve feel exhausted even after wearing it for a long time. The latest model features a beautiful upper weaved with Vegan-leather and polyester string and looks sophisticated even though the design is based on traditional huarache sandals. Now you can match the pair with classical outfits as well as trendy clothes. Wherever you go, the sandals will definitely accentuate you and your style in this summer.

[LEFT]NEEDLES has produced a number of clothes with oriental motifs since the day of establishment. While all those oriental pieces play a key role in the brand’s collections, oriental buttons become especially popular above all after being attached on some shirts last year. Keizo Shimizu, the brand’s designer, originally adopted those buttons for coverall jackets as such Asian-style details are vital for his creation as well as American culture.
With decorative diamond knot buttons on its pockets and cuffs, this shirt creates an impressive look and enhances the wearer’s presence at the same time. Each button was carefully knotted by skilled craftworkers with great time and effort.

Moreover the silhouette and other details of the shirt are also worthy to note. Such significant features of the shirt including beautiful stand collar, rounded hemline and slightly long length make the product even more adorable. Cotton-tencel-linen blend fabric creates natural feel and beautiful drapes on the body simultaneously, matching quite well with the comfy and relaxing atmosphere of the shirt. Although the item can be worn solely as it is bold in design, you can wear it like a coverall jacket, too. The versatile garment is available also in indigo, so try both of the colors to match more and more styles.

[RIGHT]The Aidzu area of Fukushima is known as a production district of Aidzu Kiri, beautiful and high-quality paulownia. Since the 2013 spring/summer collection, NEEDLES has offered Geta sandals, using this famous lumber as its material. Fukushima’s long-established lumber company/manufacturer, Kurosawa Kirizaiten, has produced those since the project started. This unique pair is doubtlessly one of the products that represent extraordinary love of footwear of the brand which has collaborated with a number of prestigious manufacturers so far. Although the strap is made also traditionally with Japanese well-established silk, Enshu Tsumugi, Vibram’s rubber soles make the Geta sandals wearable even on the modern street. Arranging Japanese traditional techniques with flexible mindset, NEEDLES has created another impressive product to make your style even more individual. The footwear is available in blue, white, pink and black. Brighten up your spring/summer style with these delicate shades of Geta sandals.


[RIGHT]Quite a few ENGINEERED GARMENTS fans name this Bedford jacket as a masterpiece of the brand. Having been made every season with different fabric, the item with peaked lapels and four patch pockets is now one of the most essential garments for EG. The length of the jacket is slightly short while its unlined body makes the garment extremely light. Because of the visible stitches around the pockets, the jacket looks rough and rugged. The zigzag stitch that runs from the inner side of the collar to the lapels is a unique feature often adopted by military uniforms and outdoor clothes. Since the product was originally designed based on old work jackets, there is an active feel in the product.

In response to a trend or a collection theme, the design of EG’s Bedford jacket has been changed and improved every season since it was first released. The latest model for the 2016 spring/summer collection is no exception – the jacket’s change-buttons have been altered to sewn buttons. For the coming season, the popular product becomes bright and light with white colored buttons and stitches along with adopting thin dungaree as its main fabric. EG never stops to upgrade this signature Bedford jacket.

[LEFT]ENGINEERED GARMENTS always had a good selection of accessories including hats, scarves as well as bags, and those unique pieces add an accent to your style. Above all, the brand’s bucket hat is most symbolic item for fans as the item has been made in almost all the fabrics used in each season’s collection. Highly simplified design of the item hasn’t been changed since day one – its form is stereoscopic as the top of the hat is slightly sloping while the width of the brim is subtly different between the front and rear. Stitches on the brim are not just to reinforce and supple the area, but also to add an accent to the design. The hat comes in reversible style with dungaree for one side and chambray for another. You can enjoy the item in various ways by stretching it or folding the brim. The bucket hat is available with multiple fabric options also in the latest collection, so find your favorite one and add it to your wardrobe just as you like.


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